Wednesday, August 02, 2006


So... what have I been working on...

Well, I started out knitting for my adorable girls of course! I decided to make an "Apron Top" for my baby girl. My dh kept telling me it would be too small but I insisted it was not... uh... you be the judge of this number.

So as you can see... I had to suck it up and admit my dh was right... darn it!

Then I moved on... decided to forget the baby and use a model that could actually stand up. Big sister! How cute is this?!

In the mean time some yummy yummy wool yarn arrived. And I just had to make something from it. Soakers and knitting in the round still scared me. So I bought the pattern for a Ribby Wrap . It turned out great and I was even impressed with the ease with which I followed the pattern. I'm horrible at following instructions. Which is a rather odd quirk seeing as I have my Masters degree in Architecture... a career in writing instructions.

And then... I decided to bite the bullet and knit in the round. So I made the baby's new top using this method. What was I so afraid of?! Easy peasy!

Add in a trip to the Target clearance rack for a $1.98 skort and... wah lah... a little sisters coordinating cutie patuti set was born. Now just admire the set... the models were not in such fine form, but that's what happens when Mom is just too excited to take a picture and really... it's bedtime.

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