Wednesday, August 02, 2006

what's behind artistjess?

So... what's artistjess you might ask? Well... as it turns out, I'm an artist and my name is Jess.

That might have been obvious. I have a major in architecture and minored in art. Really I wish I would have had the guts to major in art, but that didn't seem "prudent". I felt if I (and my Dad!) was paying for an education in something I should be able to make money with it when I was done. After changing my major a million times in the first year I somehow landed in architecture. It was a cross of being artistic and being able to make money. Or so I thought... turns out it was more about paperwork and details and code than anything else. School was fun though... lots of fun! So after working in the field for a few years I retired. And became a stay at home mom. What a crazy career that is. Oy vey!

But the artist in me never rests. It's this drive that is in me every day. If I don't have something to show at the end of the day I'm restless. It's a crazy thing. And so, the artist in me gets to come to the light. No worries about making money. Now it's an outlet for me. I've sold a select few of my pieces under the name "J.Bird Creations". But being a mom to such young kids I don't have the time to pursue a real market for my work. Nor do I have the space to work in. The dining table is my studio... not terribly condusive to getting much done.

And so... here's the exciting part...

We are about to move out of our condo... east of the mountains into a house on the other side of the state. Where real estate prices are actually affordable - for the moment. We are waiting for our condo to close and then 2 days later the house we have an offer on to close. And this house... oh this house is a blessing. A real and true blessing and gift from God. All I wanted was a yard for my children to play in, and a garage/shop for my husband to play in. And I honestly didn't have any stipulations other than that. I am just so grateful for a home and a piece of land to play on. But I got something too... such a gift. Something I dared not dream of ever even having! This house... has a room off the garage... a perfect little room... that shall be my studio! My very own art studio! A room where I can make my creative MESS and not have to clean it up by dinnertime! A room where I can just make my nest and stew in it. Oh how lovely that will be. It almost brings me to tears really. I feel like it is such a gift. And a sign from God to get off my keester and bring more art to life.

My husband... wonderful and encouraging man that he is. Has already gotten shelving, flat storage, and worktops to install in there for me. He works for a construction company that does laboratories and these are all things that were made wrong or whatever and headed for the dumpster. But hey... it's all gold to me! All I need now is a chair and stool or two.

I just can not wait. What a special and very unexpected blessing.

I like to mainly work in watercolor, but also enjoy collage. Most of my work combines the two methods. Here are a couple terrible pictures of a few pieces. The first is 3 pieces from a series titled "Waterview". And the second is titled "Fiery Sunset".

I told you they were terrible pictures! I need better ones... and more of them I suppose.

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