Friday, August 11, 2006

Delusions of Grandure

Yes, I have them... oh this week they are strong. I have a hankering to knit a shawl. Not the lacy grandmother type, but something cozy... made with some gorgeous colors. That's what I'm dreaming about. Now... to match the yarn I'm thinking of with a reasonable pattern...

I am now dreaming of 3 shawls, or stoles rather. They're small shawls so they're called stoles I guess. I don't know the precise terminology.

Clapotis is gorgeous and looks nothing like something my grandmother would wear.
This scarf pattern would be so YUMMY made into a "stole". I'm eyeing this yarn. I've also considered this one. Can't decide.
And Lady Eleanor isn't she gorgeous?! How could I resist putting this on my list to make?! It will have to wait until I get a little more skill under my belt though.

I'm thinking the Curly Purly is the front runner right now. With Clapotis coming in a close second. Really they would both be great... Clapotis could double as a scarf... a REALLY yummy one, and I AM moving to a snowy winter climate after all. But I have no idea what yarn I would like to use... granted I have limited yarn exposure, and a very limited budget... I need ideas.

Anyhow... while I dreamt about the shawls, I finished these...

I don't love them. The color in the picture is too bright, but they are still too bright for my liking. Too "royal blue". Ah well. They were my first and a might good first at that. I did manage to do the gusset without much trouble. However, halfway through the body I realized that there were no short rows in this pattern. I really like short row shaping. And then I finished and realized that the legs were not big enough to fit the intended recipient. Now isn't that a bit irritating. But the pattern didn't seem concerned with thigh circumfrence. And I wans't until I got there and realized they wouldn't work. So, I've drafted a new plan. I'd say pattern, but it's really still the same basic pattern with my modifications.

Oh, and I-Cord... somebody shoot me. Ick! It's a true test of patience. But worth it as it's so much nicer to use than a crochet chain or braid. Oh well... makes it nice.

SO now... I'm starting over. Bah. Hate that. Upside is I need more yarn!

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