Thursday, September 28, 2006


Last night I watched a documentary on Frank Gehry. It was awesome. When I left the architecture profession, I was so burnt out and bitter from my employer that I didn't want anything to do with it. It was so fun to see the documentary last night. It reminded me why I loved studying architecture. It made all my creative electrodes ignight. I think I sat there watching it with a grin on my face.

He spoke about how the joy is all in the process. Ripping it apart and starting over. Coming up with things from scratch... just getting there. It's all joy. But by the time it's done being built years later, he often can't stand to look at it because he just sees how he'd change it. That is so true of any artist I think. We look at the world with eyes that always see what can be improved. We can't rest.

The man is such a genius. Love him or hate him, he is changing the way we think about architecture. Amazing. Someday, dispite my hate for travel, I will go to Bilbao. To me that is just the most amazing of his work. I'd also love to see the Disney Concert Hall. Who knows, maybe I'll do a Gehry tour. When I was in college I got to go on several tours of the EMP under construction. It was amazing to see. His brain thinks about architecture in such a different way than we have for centuries. Just amazing.

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