Monday, June 09, 2008

Summer Goals

Ali over at Skeins Her Way likes to challenge us all to set actual GOALS for summer knitting. Maybe because it's hot and no one feels motivated??? Not sure. But she also lures us in with prizes so who are we to resist?!

She put out her list today... lands sakes it's detailed! I'm going to be a bit, no, a lot more vague.

I have a few goals...

1 (a&b). Socks.
I have joined Summer of Socks once again. My goal for this is to knit Hub enough socks for a week. I myself have enough for a little over a week now, although they don't always match what I'm wearing. But this knitter would rather wear comfy socks than match. I'll keep working on that too... so two goals... make a couple more pair for myself so I don't look quite as dorky (ie neutrals), AND make at least 4 more for Hub. He has 4 fingering weight pairs now. Two are mountain colors bearfoot and while at first he really liked them, now he claims the mohair is rather tickly on the toes. That strikes me as really funny.

2. Knit another sweater.
Several of you have rightly requested that I model the recently completed Wicked. I've been meaning to get Hub and some sunshine and get some decent pictures, but... the weather in particular is not cooperating! A late season cold also made an appearance here and stepped in to further hinder picture progress. And, sadly, after it's washing and blocking the sweater is WAY too big for me. That Classy grows quite a bit. Which I knew from my swatch, but my gauge also grew when I worked on the project vs. the swatch. And all that growing together became more than the thing can overcome I believe. Ack! I've seen where several other people have put theirs in the dryer and gotten it to shrink up... but mine was a teensy bit big to begin with... so I'm not really believing that will fix all my problems. And I am not about to risk ruining the yarn so that I can't rip it out and reknit it. So, I'm waiting for pictures to show you all, and then I'm going to ask for advice, and then I'm going to reknit it... either with a smaller needle, or a smaller size, or possibly both. Not sure. Hence, advice asking. The one avenue I am not going to take is gaining 20lbs so it will fit as is. Sorry folks. Just not up for that. I pulled it tight from the back and it's super cute... fitted... so I really DO want to get it right.

While I want to reknit that one right now... it's sheepy-ness might be irritating in summer. It gets hot here. Even with the AC blowing on me it's a little odd to have a pile of wool in your hands. So I'm thinking I might finally knit up Something Red... in toffee. I've got the blue sky cotton already and I think it would be a nice summer knit. Plus it's another top down sweater which will help me really learn this method.

So that's it. It's not much. But since sweater knitting is at present a learning process... who knows how much time that will suck up! I probably should get started on a few gifts for the holidays... we shall see.

I am officially jealous of the members of the Socks that Rock sock club. This month's installment is AWESOME! None of the others have made me feel like I was missing out, but this one did. Speaking of sock clubs, I joined one. I never thought I would but Sock Yarnista seems like it will be really fun. I think it was the choice of a semi-solid or handpainted each month really won me over. I just signed up for 3 months... we'll see how I feel after that.

I do have a bit of news on the Alaska front. We finally got a call and they want Hub to fly up for an extensive in person interview now. It is a city government job so the process is moving very slowly. We're totally new to this. It seems VERY slow to us. So the wait continues... I'll be very jealous that he gets to go for a visit without us. I'll console myself in the usual way... yarn. :)

Here is a fun little quiz I found on Ali's blog. I have a recent obsession with all things Jane Austen.

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!


Hattie said...

That sock club does seem like a good one! I'm still debating summer of socks, I don't want to overwhelm myself...

SJ said...

I'd say that sounds like a pretty manageable (but still challenging) list of summer knitting goals. I might have to make up a list myself! I have a rough idea in my head, but I'm thinking it might help me prioritize to write it all down.

Meghann said...

love the Cleopatra Stockings too! The sweater is a hard call......can't wait to see it!!!