Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cami Chic Spirals

: Spiral Eyelet Socks
Yarn: Hazel Knits Artisan Sock, Cami Chic
Mod's: I had to reduce it to a 56st pattern to get a 7-1/2" unstretched sock. Those eyelets add a LOT of room.

These socks were for my Mom. I took a finished photo of them on the blockers, but it just didn't do them justice. And, since Hub was heading to Alaska I charged him to take photos of them on Moms feet. I think for two non-knitters they did a really great job!

The yarn is of course, Hazel Knits. This was another KAL that the Ravelry Group decided to do. This time we're all knitting this colorway, Cami Chic in different patterns. It's pretty interesting! I'm really really REALLY happy with how they turned out!

And, while they were at it Mom brought out the Lilac Socklets and they got a photo of them too. Much cuter on a foot than a blocker!


Jill L said...

Both are beauties. Thanks for heads up about the size -- These are in my queue and I wil reduce CO to account for the eyelets.

SJ said...

I think you mom may have a career ahead of her as a foot/sock model!

Meghann said...


Miss T said...


I was wondering who took those pics. Your mom has cute little feet. :D

TracyKM said...

I like the eyelet socks. Actually, I came here to see your longies pattern, but when I click on it, gibberish comes up :(

tiennie said...

Those are both fantastic pairs of socks!

abunchofus said...

Love those spiral eyelet socks! Once again you did an amazing job!