Friday, June 06, 2008

The Lilac City

The city I live in is called The Lilac City. This Indie dyer is a local and thus this colorway was inspired by our city. So of course I had to try some!

Pattern: Basic 72 st sock, Eye Of Partridge Heel
Needles: 2.0mm, 2.25mm needles
Yarn: Selah BFL Sock, Lilac City

This yarn was a little strange to me. I've worked with BFL before several times. But this BFL felt nothing like those at all. It was even slightly scratchy whereas the BFL I've used before has been nothing but soft. So that was a little surprising. Then the colorway acted really strangely at the top of the second sock. No idea what happened there. And my gauge changed too as the second sock was a full 1/4 inch shorter than the first. I ripped the toe out and added some rows to fix that but can tell that one sock is tighter than the other. Usually my second sock ends up a little bit looser. These socks were just strange. Perhaps they took direction from my 4YO on how to act, I don't know. lol! While I love their Parvana sock, I don't think I'll use the BFL again.

Now that these are off my needles, I'm back down to my regular two socks going. It's kind of a relief. :)

BTW, the Plain Janes pattern has been released now!


SJ said...

Perhaps the second sock's acting out is something to do with not getting second sock syndrome?

Regardless of the troubles they gave you, I like them! Those colors are nice and muted, so I'll bet these socks will go with a lot of outfits.

jogswithdog said...

Wow -- the inconsistency would have driven me CRAZY. Still, the colors are wonderful; they remind me of lilacs with with the purple and green mix. Nice job!