Monday, December 25, 2006

A very Addi Christmas... and a couple of FO's!

I have a couple of FO pictures for you! Sorry the pants are delayed... we've been sick for weeks! UGH!

First off we have the longies. I didn't realize the pictures I got of them were so cruddy... and alas I've sent them to their owner, so can't get anything better. BUT... this was the trial pair for the rewritten pattern and the shaping turned out perfect! I can't wait to use it for a pair for Miss E. She turned all her pants into capri's last month so I need to get busy!

Next up is Bubby Bear! Isn't she cute? She sat atop Miss N's Christmas Stocking this morning.

Speaking of Christmas... Santa stuffed my stocking with some lovely new Addi Circular needles! Yay! And a gift certificate to a LYS that my wonderful DH found for me! With the little ones I've not been able to go find a good LYS. Well, he found one for me. It's AMAZING! Take the 3D tour... you'll drool on your keyboard! I also got SPM's Meditations for Women who Knit too Much. Rather fitting gift from my husband. lol!

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday!

Sunday, December 10, 2006


The dreaded longies are done! WooHOOOOO! After finishing them I can safely say... even my own kids won't have many pairs of these once their inseam gets that long! Ay yi yi! 12" was a long way down!

Pic's tomorrow in the daylight!

I have GASP nothing on my needles right now! It kind of feels good. I think I might need a short break. We'll see... tomorrow I may sing a different tune.

I got my swift and ball winder. My first ball doesn't look so good. Going to take a touch of practice I see...

Tummy flu going on in Miss N this past 4 days. Ick. Stickin' close to home and just praying that it doesn't spread. DH and I felt icky for a day, but that was it. Nothing close to what's happening with my poor little N.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fo's and reasons why I don't knit enough

Well dh finally downloaded pic's off the camera. We've both been slacking in that department. And lo and behold... a couple of small FO's!

First we have... a pair of LTK stripey slippers... sans stripes. Georgia Rose Peace Fleece. Miss E likes to pull them off and floss with the mohair. Bleck! I really want to make a pair for myself... but I'm finishing those longies remember? The ones that laugh at me every time I pick them up...

Second item is really two. I made two of these. One for Miss E and another for a friends baby. Umbilical Cord hats from the StitchNBitch book. I made these from Knit Picks new Swish Superwash. It's SOOOO soft and stretchy. Quite lovely for a baby's hat since they grow so fast.
Is she cute or what?! Who can resist this face?!

Ok, now for those longies... I am FINALLY past the point I was at when I ripped them all out. Just for kicks I decided to do these ones one leg at a time instead of ML'ing them. I'm 8 inches down one leg. And I'm bored. So I've decided to add some "rugbyesqe" stripes to the bottom of the legs. Stay tuned...

Shhh... I got myself a ball winder and swift for Christmas. lol! They were both half off... so really ... I couldn't just let dh pay full price to "surprise" me. He's disgusted though because he loves to buy gifts and as such... I get to have them now! Can't wait to wind away! I just have to figure out how they work...

I also threw in another tape measure into my order. Wink, wink.

AND... the reasons why I don't knit enough. Dishes and Laundry. That's all. I swear... I do dishes and laundry... all day... everyday... I need a maid.

ONE more thing... happened upon a cool blog today. I'd been there before, but not looked in a while. She's got a pattern up for some fingerless mits that do not include cables. I think I'm going to knock these out for my MIL instead of the Fetching. Learning cables when trying to make Christmas gifts in mid-December is probably not the best idea... so I'll do these Mohair Mits.

I'm a little chatty today... got to knit during naptime while the dishwasher ran. See, I have a really fancy 1952 original kitchen. So I have a "roll-away" dishwasher. Can't handwash while it's running, so I HAD to sit and knit. It was good for my soul.


As I was "browning" some onions... and looking at the pot I love and use almost everyday. I realized... I lied to Tanya. I actually said my husband only buys me red coats. I lied.

Here is what I found in my kitchen while cooking those onions... (we're having spag w/ turkey meatballs for dinner in case you were wondering... smells YUMMY!)

This would be a little group of things. Have I mentioned he likes to shop at TJ Maxx? He does. Loves a good bargain... and if you let him know what you like... like oh say... le cruset spatulas and bakers... well... he'll bring you some home...

Here is my beloved pot. It stays on the stovetop because I use it almost everyday.

Wait! There's blue! That's because I told him I do like OTHER colors...

And lets not forget the microwave that never fails to get comments from visitors. lol!

Um... so yes, I lied. He buys me more than red coats...

Friday, December 01, 2006

Cool Artist!

Well, I've been busy... Miss N turned 3, IL's visited... and then the Turkey Day. I cooked a killer meal! My first, I was so proud! I know, excuses excuses... I've made a couple hats. And I'm down to the legs of the infamous pair of longies I had to froooog. Bah! I can't wait to be done with them!

My MIL wants some fingerless gloves for Christmas. We'll see if I get to that. I have been planning to make her some of these. They are the Fetching fingerless mittens from Knitty. The cables scare me though... we'll see. MUST FINISH THE LONGIES!

Anyhoo... I found a really cool website that I wanted to post!

Joyce Makes Art

Really cool collage art. I love collage art. I know it's a small... not so glorified niche of the art world, but I find it captivating. So much detail... just scraps of life put together into something beautiful.

And she has pic's up of her studio... I am SOOOOO jealous!

Ok, I'll go knit. If I must...