Sunday, December 10, 2006


The dreaded longies are done! WooHOOOOO! After finishing them I can safely say... even my own kids won't have many pairs of these once their inseam gets that long! Ay yi yi! 12" was a long way down!

Pic's tomorrow in the daylight!

I have GASP nothing on my needles right now! It kind of feels good. I think I might need a short break. We'll see... tomorrow I may sing a different tune.

I got my swift and ball winder. My first ball doesn't look so good. Going to take a touch of practice I see...

Tummy flu going on in Miss N this past 4 days. Ick. Stickin' close to home and just praying that it doesn't spread. DH and I felt icky for a day, but that was it. Nothing close to what's happening with my poor little N.

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