Sunday, December 03, 2006


As I was "browning" some onions... and looking at the pot I love and use almost everyday. I realized... I lied to Tanya. I actually said my husband only buys me red coats. I lied.

Here is what I found in my kitchen while cooking those onions... (we're having spag w/ turkey meatballs for dinner in case you were wondering... smells YUMMY!)

This would be a little group of things. Have I mentioned he likes to shop at TJ Maxx? He does. Loves a good bargain... and if you let him know what you like... like oh say... le cruset spatulas and bakers... well... he'll bring you some home...

Here is my beloved pot. It stays on the stovetop because I use it almost everyday.

Wait! There's blue! That's because I told him I do like OTHER colors...

And lets not forget the microwave that never fails to get comments from visitors. lol!

Um... so yes, I lied. He buys me more than red coats...


Anonymous said...

Pants on fire! ;D
Love love,

jen said...

wow that stuff is so cool looking... mine is all utilitarian!

I just had to hop over to your blog.. you know me from the pin, because you have/had some of my dyed pf's as well :)