Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fo's and reasons why I don't knit enough

Well dh finally downloaded pic's off the camera. We've both been slacking in that department. And lo and behold... a couple of small FO's!

First we have... a pair of LTK stripey slippers... sans stripes. Georgia Rose Peace Fleece. Miss E likes to pull them off and floss with the mohair. Bleck! I really want to make a pair for myself... but I'm finishing those longies remember? The ones that laugh at me every time I pick them up...

Second item is really two. I made two of these. One for Miss E and another for a friends baby. Umbilical Cord hats from the StitchNBitch book. I made these from Knit Picks new Swish Superwash. It's SOOOO soft and stretchy. Quite lovely for a baby's hat since they grow so fast.
Is she cute or what?! Who can resist this face?!

Ok, now for those longies... I am FINALLY past the point I was at when I ripped them all out. Just for kicks I decided to do these ones one leg at a time instead of ML'ing them. I'm 8 inches down one leg. And I'm bored. So I've decided to add some "rugbyesqe" stripes to the bottom of the legs. Stay tuned...

Shhh... I got myself a ball winder and swift for Christmas. lol! They were both half off... so really ... I couldn't just let dh pay full price to "surprise" me. He's disgusted though because he loves to buy gifts and as such... I get to have them now! Can't wait to wind away! I just have to figure out how they work...

I also threw in another tape measure into my order. Wink, wink.

AND... the reasons why I don't knit enough. Dishes and Laundry. That's all. I swear... I do dishes and laundry... all day... everyday... I need a maid.

ONE more thing... happened upon a cool blog today. I'd been there before, but not looked in a while. She's got a pattern up for some fingerless mits that do not include cables. I think I'm going to knock these out for my MIL instead of the Fetching. Learning cables when trying to make Christmas gifts in mid-December is probably not the best idea... so I'll do these Mohair Mits.

I'm a little chatty today... got to knit during naptime while the dishwasher ran. See, I have a really fancy 1952 original kitchen. So I have a "roll-away" dishwasher. Can't handwash while it's running, so I HAD to sit and knit. It was good for my soul.

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