Monday, July 28, 2008

Miss E's Modern Log Cabin Blanket

Pattern: Modern Log Cabin Baby Blanket, Mason Dixon Knitting
Yarn: Swish Superwash from Knit Picks in Aloe, Bubblegum, Ballerina (all discontinued) and Sunshine.
Needles: US 7
Notes: Edging was changed to an applied I-Cord. Instructions for this can be found at The Purl Bee.

It's finally finished! I feel happy and giddy, it's such a big thing, but also a little sad about it. I started this just before Miss E turned 1. And now she's over 2. And lately, she's been growing more and more into a girl... and not my baby any longer. She tells me she loves me, can sing songs on her own and has even used the potty a few times. (Not as much as I'd like!) I feel like this blanket is the same. I knit it while she was a baby, and now both have grown up. :( Sappy Mommy Moment.

I will admit there were times that I was not liking this project. Any big project becomes a slog-fest at times right? After reading the passion for log cabin knitting in the book, I wanted to feel that way. It sounded sooooo charming. I was not charmed. Why? Because I could not stand all the casting off and picking up of stitches. I have seen where someone has done it by putting the stitches on holders and holding them for later. If I log cabin again, I will definitely be doing that! I do love the look of log cabin's so I am sure this is not my last. With that modification I suspect I'll get along with it's charming ways just fine.

There are two things I'd do differently here. I should have used a size 6 needle. The 7 is just a little looser than I'd like. And secondly, I'd find a better way to weave in the ends in garter stitch. They really show on the front. I thought washing it would help alleviate that, but instead, it made it even more obvious. Oh, and I might even do it the way the pattern has it laid out and not the mirror image I did here. (snicker) That was an accident on block 3 and I just rolled with it.

So how does the recipient feel about it? Well, lets just say it's hot out and she's far more interested in Daddy calling her to the swimming pool. But come fall, I'm sure it'll see some love.

Off she goes!


SJ said...

Jess, that is a gorgeous blanket! I know that Miss E will love it for many, many years. Congrats on finally finishing it!

Miss T said...

that last picture really made me go awwwww.

Meghann said...

It's gorgeous and amazing!!!! She'll love it for a long time.

tiennie said...

It's just beautiful!

Danielle said...

Well, regardless of what Miss E thinks, I love it!

Kay said...

Love the candy colors!

jenniferyoungblood said...

that is absolutely beautiful. now mine on the other hand I'm just using up some scraps that was laying around trying to use up some of my stash and some of the yarn is from my husbands grandmother so it will be kinda special. the colors are green, blue, red, and tan, then I'm thinking of doing a border with red, or a dark color, i don't know yet. but i messed up on my ridges got to a talking and knitted one to many I don't think it matters I just picked up two extra stitches. I think from looking at the pattern and then on the web it will just be a little bigger.