Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sweet Summer

My girls melting their artist mommy's heart!
Miss N was practicing her color mixing.
Miss E was just trying to figure out this whole easel painting thing...

This past weekend was the Art on the Green event over in Couer d'Alene. We took the girls Sunday afternoon. It was a huge event. They also had the big food event in the neighboring park. The girls had reached meltdown by then so we didn't get to go over there. We had a fun time.

I also managed to make this over the weekend.

Pattern: Freckle Soaker & Skirty Pattern
Yarn: Selah, Aran BFL, Sweet Summer

Since Miss E isn't taking to using the potty at all, I caved in and realized I needed to do some more knitting for her bottom. I haven't been a fan of soakers in the past because most just aren't a very good fit in my opinion (I'm super picky!). For some reason though I really wanted to try this pattern. The fit is awesome! The pattern is very well written and includes an optional skirty. AND... included in the price is cottage licensing for a certain number of items. Which I thought might be handy to have. Occasionally I knit for others and it would be nice to be able to offer soakers as an option. I picked up the yarn from Lisa on Thursday and got to knitting on Friday. It was fresh from her dye and wash pots and it smelled wonderful. It was a really enjoyable knit.


Danielle said...

Cute lil' artists!

Meghann said...

So cute! Sophia has been into art stuff lately too.....she calls it "arts and craps" though! LOL

SJ said...

Aww! Clearly the girls are taking after their arty mom!