Monday, August 18, 2008

How to get Hand Knits from the Mommy

Pattern: Freckle Soaker and Skirty
Yarn: Rodeo BFL from Western Sky Knits, At The Zoo

Ack, I just went there to grab the link... look at this new colorway! SO cute! I really loved the Rodeo BFL. Just the right weight for a soaker and super soft. Loved every minute of it! The departure from all things girly was refreshing. Plus... I feel like I live in a Zoo so the name fit!

Miss E loves it. She got up in the morning and saw it on the coffee table. She started babbling on and about it... oh soaker... cute soaker... I yike it, I yike it... Then she proceeded to put it on herself backwards. Could you resist this kind of 2 year old cuteness?

Here she is mid-twirl!

And, in more Miss E knit news, she's bonded with her blankie. I was out running errands one night last week and after Hub laid her down for bed she said "Mommy blankie, Mommy blankie." So he gave it to her and she snuggled it up to her face and told him "I yike Mommy blankie.". She had just started putting together sentences and this was one of the first. It MUST have been important to her no? Seriously... with cuteness like that if she requested a house cozy I just might say yes!


Hattie said...

God that is TOO adorable. My kids have yet to get much hand knit cuz they grow way too fast! I do plan on making hats and mittens for this winter though. :)

SJ said...

Enough with the cute! You're making my ovaries hurt! ;-)

tiennie said...

So so cute!

Meghann said...

Ahhhhh! They really know how to get to us, huh? C finally started calling me "mama" the other day....until know we have both been "dayee"!

Melany said...

That is an adorable soaker! I figured out how nice wool covers were just as my daughter started to potty train.

What a lucky kid, to get to wear that!

Miss T said...

a house cozy! ;D