Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Samaras Hat

Here is the mystery FO! Just a hat. But a nice snuggly one! I've been browsing a lot of hat patterns lately, trying to find some that I felt I could do without a massive amount of swatching etc... I'm impatient like that. You see, at the end of November, a friend of mine was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. We used to go to church together, and were in bible study and moms group together. Her oldest child is the same age as mine and she has two younger as well. We now live several hours apart and I can't go over and entertain her kids or clean her house or anything like that. But I can knit her hats right? She was diagnosed and one week later had her first chemo treatment. A week after that she lost her hair. Now, I've always known chemo patients lose their hair. But I think I always figured they had more time to get used to the idea before it happened. Not so. Two weeks... wow. Not only getting used to the idea that you have cancer, but your hair is gone!

She is keeping an online journal of her journey. It's absolutely inspiring to read. She is just an amazing testimony of trust to me.

So, you'll see a hat here and there and they are going to her. This one included. I got Hub to help me out with modeling, but the hat is for Kerri.

Pattern: Samaras Hat
Yarn: Dream In Color Classy - can't remember the color name
Needles: US size 4, 6
Mod's: None really, I did have a different row gauge so I had to account for that a bit

He's kind of cute huh? he he. I think he's stopped shaving this week so he can help keep his face warm! It's cold! Hub says if you wear glasses you'll be happy to know that this hat hugs nicely, but doesn't smash your glasses up against your head or face.

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