Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cable Crazy

I started a new pair of socks for the January KAL of the SKA group... this month, I choose from Cookie A. patterns. Seeing as I'm a bit partial to cables lately, I choose the BFF socks. And... I also happened to have the exact same yarn in the stash. So out came the Koigu! I had only planned to start these just to make sure they were on the needles in January so they would count. I was going to do a quick DK weight pair from Christmas yarn and then return to the BFF's. However, these socks have enchanted me and kept me working on them the past few days. I just couldn't stop! They are turning out lovely!

And... I slogged through a bit of Moms Scarf as well. I'm not really enjoying this one. Scarves are hard to enjoy for me. But it is turning out great and is probably almost halfway done.

There will be more knitting in the days to come. We've got frigid temp's and blowing snow. Lovely! I'll be indoors with my wool and a cup of tea!


SJ said...

I've spent most of the frigid weekend here inside with my knitting, and I can tell you it's a very good way to stay warm!

EricaLynn said...

I love all the cables! I hear you-scarves are not my favorite thing to knit either.