Thursday, January 10, 2008


No, I don't mean my feet in Birk's. They are certainly anything BUT enchanting. But if you were to come to my house any old day, this is what you would see. We don't wear shoes in the house, and seeing as I am home most of the time and we have hardwood floors I have to wear something. These are my "house shoes". They work great and save my back and legs.

The light in these photos is all different. Winter is so hard to get consistent lighting! I took these outside in hopes of getting better light as anything I took indoors was way too dark. I think the first and last pictures are probably closest to the real thing although still not great.

: Basic Sock Recipe, 72 stitches 1x1 twisted rib cuff
Needles: 2.0mm, 2.25mm
Yarn: Superwash Merino Sock by Radiant Twist, Enchanted Colorway
Notes: These are my December Sockdown entry for the SKA group on Ravelry

To be perfectly honest, this was one of those delayed gratification projects. I didn't really enjoy working this this yarn base. It seemed a little bit sticky. But when I put it on my foot... oh my. Love the feeling of it on my foot. This was the case with my current favorite to wear pair of socks as well. So if these follow suit, they will be favorites too!

I have really square toes. All these patterns with pointy toes freak me out. My feet are long and square. Best to keep the Birks on for curves eh? lol!

On my last post Danielle mentioned in the comments that ripping out mistakes is relaxing. I totally agree! I am glad to hear someone else say it. Looking at things that are "not right" or have mistakes just drives me up the wall. It makes me stressed. Ripping out something that is not working is just relief! And it's perfect to mention Danielle in a post about my socks because they always come out of pretty bags she made me. :)

My next pairs... I have two coming up for myself. One is a quick pair in a dk weight with yarn Hub bought me for Christmas. I want to knit these up for two reasons... one, to show Hub that I like and appreciate the yarn, and two, to get another pair in my drawer quick! Last year Hub went yarn shopping... and well, lets just say that yarn might never make it's way out of the stash. It's the thought right? But I want to make sure the message is sent that he did well this year!

The other pair is for the January Sockdown of SKA. It's Cookie A. month. I'm really loving cables lately, so I'm going to do a pair of BFF socks. They happen to be done in Koigu and I happen to have some in a lovely natural cream color. With the cables and the color they'll have a traditional look. I think this picture is much better for showing off the classic pattern.

New projects! Fun fun! I have some hats coming up too. Will tell you about those soon.

I'm skipping my workout today... I think shoveling 6 inches of snow out of this driveway is plenty of workout for me today! Hub is out of town for the day and I really want to leave the house later... so... shovel it was.


SJ said...

First of all, that's some impressive snow shoveling!

I love the new socks, and I think they look fab in your Birks! (Then of course, I may be a bit biased -- I have very similar shoes, and I love wearing them with hand-knit socks.)

Meghann said...

Oh! They came out gorgeous:) That yarn base has such a tight twist that it does feel a little sticky on the needles, but they make GREAT socks!

tiennie said...

Those are very lovely!