Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kool Aid to the Rescue!

This yarn... I bought a long time ago. The picture I saw online didn't match what arrived in person. I just didn't care for the pastel on this yarn which takes color in a very earthy way. I tried selling it... for months... alas, no one else liked it this way either!

So I got a little Kool Aid and... did this!

And this week I made these.

Pretty cute huh?

They turned out a wee bit big. But that's just fine.
That means in February I won't have to add an inch!

Pattern: My own
Yarn: Briggs and Little, Cascade 220 trim
Needles: US 4, US 7
Ruffles: ala Sarah


Hattie said...

Those are SO cute. Seriously. You gonna write up a pattern for them?

Sarah said...

She is! I'm testing it (or at least, I'm supposed to be.. I haven't started anything with it yet, but I did at least print it out and read through it..)

I looooooove the way the colors came out on those - definitely a HUGE improvement over the original! (which I know I saw on FSOT, and passed over - if only I'd known what a little kool-aid would do for it! LOL!)

Meghann said...


Annie said...

Love them!! I am hoping to test out your pattern in a week or so!!

Danielle said...

That cute baby bum in ruffled pants just cracks me up!

tiennie said...

Very cute! Great job on the dyeing and knitting!

Spiffy Knits! said...

nice! I love the name, too!

Dee said...

Oh, they are beyond adorable!