Friday, October 26, 2007

Tranquil Spirit Longies

These pants took what seems like forever to get done. The yarn is Montana Targhee. I love pants made from this, I just don't like actually making them. It's soft yet still really sturdy which is great for pants.

I knit from two balls at once. The yarn was kettle dyed and the two balls were noticeably different. It made for a fantastic finished product though since there were more shades of the colors between the two balls.

Pattern: Itchy Fingers Shorties/Longies Pattern
Yarn: ...a time to dye, Tranquil Spirit on Montana Targhee Wool
Needles: US size 4,7

Now that these are over I have more yarn from the same dyer coming... Eden. I CAN NOT wait! I love so many of her yarns. I am also drawn to some of them because of meaning... like Ruth. I love the story of Redeeming Ruth. So I might have to find a use someday for that yarn...

I am knitting other things, slowly. Life is taking me for a ride lately. It's good. I've spent a lot of the last year here alone, knitting. Knitting is good. But, I need a life! Since we moved I've also been through all kinds of up's and down's with health issues, some mental. That combined with moving to a place where we knew no one equated to a lot of hibernation. But, despite the bears going into their hibernation, I'm coming out of mine. I'll still be here... the obsession doesn't exactly go away! But I might be slowing down a bit. It's a good thing. Very good. :)


Lamar said...

First off- they look fantastic. You really do a great job knitting. They fit really well on your little one.

Thank you for the compliments and linking my store. I sure hope you like you Eden. I hope that this season you can find some friends in your area so you are not so alone. I wish we were closer. I'm sure we'd be friends. :)

SJ said...

Adorable pants! I wish I could have had some in a big-people size this past week.

Hattie said...

OMG those are so cute!!!

I moved to spokane not knowing anyone, and I mostly only have my husbands family here. It sucks to not know anyone. Especially when it's been like 5 years and I only have one or two friends, and we've grown apart in the last few years. :(

Not to mention living way out of town means a kind of forced hibernation...

Meghann said...

The pants are purty!:) I need to finish off a pair for the boy.

((hugs)) Moving to a new place is hard and I understand what you are saying about the ups and downs. If you ever need to chat, email me!

tiennie said...

Very sweet! Look at that diapered tooshie in them!

Hope things improve for you soon!