Saturday, October 06, 2007

Drinking on the Job

Hub got a new mug for work. Somehow it made it's way home. I couldn't help but use it this morning and giggle a bit. I've been pulling a lot of late nights sewing lately, and have definitely been drinking on the job myself. That's a new sock I'm working on for him too. It's Tofutsies. One of my LYS's, Holy Threads, just got it in. I already have a ball that I won for myself so I picked one up for Hub. He was saying he wanted some "raggish" socks so I thought this would work. It's got some seriously funky color pooling. It's hard to see though since the colors in this are so subtly different. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

Every Saturday morning, Hub takes Miss N on a date. At some point, she'll have to rotate with her sister, but for now, she gets every Saturday. This morning at home, knitting podcasts are tickling our ears. Although I'd love to sit and knit the whole morning, Miss E is home with me, so some actual "work" is in order. She loves the music. The first song on Cast On this morning had her spinning in circles until she fell down several times. We were both laughing and clapping and enjoying ourselves. I suppose one day she'll be old enough to not want to listen to my podcasts on Saturday morning. At that point perhaps she'll need to learn to knit. As will her sister. :)

So, the knitting and blogging slowed a bit the last few weeks. That is because I was buried in my basement late into the night completing this order. Oy. I am now done for a while. No more basement for me! Upstairs and knitting! Yahoo! Not to mention... sleep. My first thought on this newfound freedom was that I haven't painted in WAY too long! So you might see me sneak in some art sessions soon. So good for my soul!

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