Friday, September 28, 2007

Never say never

Last year after I got my 12" circulars for doing the legs on these longies I thought NO WAY will I try Magic Looping again. The sized circulars are SO much faster! Well, that may be true, but I'm finding the small circulars are also really great for making my hands, wrists, and arms all the way to the elbow sore. Towards the beginning of the summer I was really sore. Even when I wasn't knitting. I had to take a few days off here and there because I was SO sore. This is not good for a knitter. But then I knit socks all summer. As soon as I picked up and started knitting this pair of longies, I started to get some of those twinges again. Dagnabit!

So when it came time for the legs I was really not looking forward to going down to the 12" circulars. I really dislike knitting with them. But they make the legs go really fast. So I did a couple rows and then decided to try Magic Looping again. After all I am going to be using up every last bit of this ball of yarn and ML'ing would allow me to do both sides the same without any unfortunate incidents or yarn waste... So I set one leg aside and got the other one started and then put them on the long circular. I worked a couple rows... I still hate having two balls of yarn attached, and all the adjusting... but really, it's so much more COMFORTABLE. So, I'm giving it a go here.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to rip the waistband off and find another color. That one just isn't doing it for me. It looked like it would work when I bought it, and it's ok, but it's not great. And the rest is turning out so great I'd hate to settle for an "ok" match on the trim.

So... the yarn? I dyed it. Oh yeah! It was this ball of yarn that had a lovely picture online, but when I got it in person... ugly. I tried selling it for a looooong time. No buyers. So, I got out some KoolAid and overdyed it. It was in pastel pink, lavender and orange. But this fiber doesn't take dye in a vivid way. So the original colors were just yucky and dirty looking. I adore how my overdye turned out. I knew it looked good in the ball, but I wasn't sure how it would knit up. I couldn't ask for it to look any better! No streaking, striping or pooling AT ALL. Yippee! Love it!

The knitting is slow because I'm spending my evenings sewing. I have a huge order I've been working on and it's taking FOREVER. I won't tell you how many mistakes or times I've run out of fabric or... you know. It's just a cursed order. I can't wait to get it done and out the door! But you can get a lot of knitting done while you wait for a 3YO to finish a meal... a lot.

Psst... do you see... that's RAIN on my window! Yay! We so badly needed some. The air is so much cleaner now. All the dirt is back on the ground where it belongs!


Hattie said...

My son (almost three) will sit for 2 hours for dinner, if we let him. Isn't it insane???

OMG yes we needed this rain. We live up in chattaroy on a dirt road and the dust just blows into everything and it's horrible. I'm so glad we are finally getting some today!

SJ said...

I had a similar experience with some yarn I ordered online. Not bad on the screen (and it was on clearance) but absolutely hideous in person. I did overdye it with purple Kool-Aid, but I haven't knitted with it yet. One of these days I will, and I certainly hope it behaves as well as yours did!

Meghann said...

I love it! The color looks awesome. I've tried those little circs before and I just couldn't make it work, I totally understand what you are saying. Have you tried 2 circs before? That's how I do my legs and I like it a lot!

Danielle said...

I've never tried the 12" -- even 16" feel small some days. The yarn is really nice -- great dye job!

Annie said...

I love the colors on those longies! I hear you on the 12" circs though. They don't make my hands hurt, but I don't enjoy them either. I hate MLing too so I guess I'm just screwed huh? :)