Sunday, October 29, 2006


Well... some people are impatiently waiting to see pictures of the completed Curly Purly Drop Stitch Scarf/Stole. But some other people are really procrastinating on the blocking. So I took her picture this morning sans blocking by the light of the window. She's sure pretty. Can't wait to wear her!

Pretty isn't she? Details... 7 oz of 100purewool in Ashtil colorway. Knit on size 10 knit picks interchangeables. Now keep in mind this is pre-blocking, so she'll get much longer and probably a touch skinnier after I block her. They are predicting a dusting of snow this evening, so perhaps I'd better get off my arse and block her as she'll be needed around my neck.

Now... suprise! Another scarf! This was super quick to do. Kind of fun. It's a bulky acrylic/nylon blend. Lots of fun... it's going in the Christmas pile.

No pattern per say on this one. I just made it up. It's kind of a "weave" look if you can see the stitches. 3 stitch squares of knit and purl. Details... 150g of Fuzhio by Dynasty Yarn, LHA Lime. I think I knit it on 15's. They were huge. A very odd feeling.

Alright... now enough blogging from me. I must go do a few things while my dear husband and Miss N are at chuch. Miss E was a pill (to put it nicely) about going down for her nap this morning so there was no way in heck I was waking her up! So I'm at home "alone" for a bit. Best get moving!

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