Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Guilt Knitting

My dear sweet husband told my almost 3 year old to ask me what I was knitting for her. gasp! As if I was greatly ignoring her! Jeez... SO, to show him, I told her to get into my yarn basket and get the yarn I bought FOR HER. (rolling eyes...) Which she did. And I made her this hat and scarf from it in an evening. It's hilarious. I got the yarn out of a clearance bin and figured it would be good for this. It reminds me of crayons. It was cheap and fast to make so I won't be heartbroken should it go missing in a snow drift at some point. It's SUPER bulky - Lion Brand, Jiffy Thick and Quick. It knits up sooo fast. Which is good beause I have other projects I need to finish. She is now happy to have a hat and scarf. No patterns, just winged it. Turned out really well! It's knit on 17's. When I pulled out the size 17 tips my lovely husband said "those look like tampons". My thought was... um... only if you want to injure yourself! Ouch!

I pulled back out my CP scarf and worked on it for a little bit last night too. My online friend Tanya is making one for her mom and inspired me to pull mine back out for a bit. I stayed up waaaay too late working on it though and E decided to wake up at 5:30am today! Ay yi yi. Coffee anyone?!

I've also got a pair of longies on the needles for my online friend Leah. A pair for her older son. The color is yummy but I can't show you because I think she reads this. Gotta wait until I finish! :)

Off for more coffee...

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