Thursday, October 26, 2006

My husband... the fiber snob.

So last night I was just cracking up (and feeling smug inside at the same time) at my husband.

I bought some wacky bulky acrylic/nylon blend yarn that I found on sale at Hancocks a while back. I thought I'd make a scarf from it for a Christmas gift. This particular person will shrink anything in sight so giving her wool is not a good idea.

So I start the scarf last night while watching TV with dh. He starts making some snide comments about it not being "real yarn"... "It's just plastic. There is nothing natural about that yarn." he says. "Nothing but recycled grocery bags...". I was just dying. TOTALLY cracked me up. I was so proud! He's becoming quite the knitters hubby!

Then I tried a stitch pattern and decided I didn't like it so I frogged it. He about died. "Oh, how can you do that?! I can't watch." LOL! I told him I don't exactly enjoy ripping things out. He said "But you giggle the whole time!" I said "Because if I didn't I'd probably cry."

Interesting night of knitting conversations at my house last night.

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loraine said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so proud of you. What a great guy you chose and educated. I want him. heh Keep it up.