Friday, October 13, 2006

Cutie Capri's

Well I just finished a pair of Capri's for E. With the weather the way it is she's wearing longies in the morning and shorts in the afternoon. And this lovely yarn was just itching to be something. I had made a Ribby Wrap from half of it, but E outgrew it before it got much use. And it was so pretty... so I ripped out the Ribby Wrap and wound it back up for these. Most knitters would call that insane, but I just wanted to USE this yarn! It's funny though... her rise is so long, and her legs so short in comparison. lol! They look like shorts for a bigger child. Maybe she'll be able to wear them as shorts later.

It was a bit of an experiment in how far you can get with 4oz of 2 ply Targhee. The only yarn left was the tiny bits I cut off the ends! I tied every last piece together to make the drawstring long enough! I really love them. Targhee makes my knitting look so perfect! I love it. I also worked out a better way to pick up stitches for the gusset. Works much better. No tightening up loose stitches in there at all! They're knit on my knit picks's 7's. Magic looped the whole way again. The colorway is just gorgeous! It's called "By the Lake" by Marina at Stitches Under the Sun. She just sent me a custom colorway I had her do on BFL... it's SOOOOO gorgeous! I can't wait to knit it up!

I ended up selling off the "pale rose" otherwise known as "rosey brown" purewool. It was just too brown. I was going to make the girls sweaters from it, but I wanted something girly, not brown. So we'll see... I have realized I have enough projects to do that I probably won't be able to do the sweaters until next year maybe. I'm starting to think a superwash would be a better way to go with those anyways. We'll see.

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