Thursday, October 02, 2008

I can't keep up!

Life seems to be moving faster than I am right now! No time to blog. It's become nothing but an FO parade around here. Oh well, I'm sure you can't blame me too much for watching an overabundance of news lately. And lots of TV equals lots of knitting!

Fall is here... time for some more woolies for Miss E. A pair of Capri's. These are super handy in the fall and spring when it's just too cold for a soaker and too warm for full wool pants. I used my pattern for these, but I played with the short rows a bit. I used 2 sets of zig zag short rows in the middle and 1 regular each on top and bottom. They really do give the perfect shape for a cloth diaper booty!

This was my first time trying Corriedale yarn. I rather liked it. It looks like it's a longer fiber sort of like BFL, but it's more rugged. So I think it will hold up nicely as longies. And it was still really plesant to knit. My favorite yarn for longies is Montana Targhee... but it's not my favorite to knit!

Miss E seems pretty happy with them! I was happy that at 11:30pm when I ran out of the main yarn that I had some of that yellow on hand to finish them up! It probably wouldn't be my first choice for color to go with this colorway, but it was here and it worked!

Even if they do look a little goofy sitting flat, you can see they fit like a glove!

: Itchy Fingers Longies
Yarn: Corriedale from Tykie Knits, color Marisol

Now... where is that mail person with my new Norah Gaughn pattern book?! I've been patiently waiting all week! I though for sure today was the day. Sigh...

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SJ said...

So adorable! (And by that, I mean the baby diaper booty. The capri longies are pretty cute, too.)