Sunday, September 14, 2008

Miss N's Stripey Socks

As you know... we're big fans of stripes here in this household. And as you know... Miss N is a fan of all things pink and girly. To be fair a mama has to make socks for each child. Since Miss N will wear Knit Picks Swish Superwash, I thought she would also be ok with the Essential and Felici lines. Turns out, I was right. This stuff is buttery soft and passes the "itchy" test. It may not the most durable, but she'll outgrow them before she has a chance to wear them out. Plus when the catalog came with this line in it... she followed me around with it pointing out that this yarn was 'her colors'. Obviously, I don't need much encouraging.

I under estimated the size of this poor child's foot. I thought I could easily get her a pair from one ball of yarn. Ha! She got her mama's feet. My poor little 4 year old with eight inch long feet. I had to dig a little stash yarn out to finish the toes. I wish I'd used it earlier in the sock so I could have added another 1/4 inch or so for more growing room without messing up the striping pattern. Ah well... live and learn.

She calls the picot edge "frizzles".

I have worked dilligently on another gift project. It's finished now and will be revealed in a few weeks. I promise... some actual bloggable projects soon!


SJ said...

Her feet are 8 inches long! Wow!

But the good news is that she appreciates the socks and is a willing sock model!

Meghann said...

Oh, I love the stripes! So cute:)

I tagged you for a meme on my blog:)

Danielle said...

I love these! So girly :)

Jill L said...

love those frizzle socks!

ali said...

I absolutely adore stripes! I also adore pics of handknit socks on children's feet!! So very cute- and I love that she knows 'her colors' already!

happy knitting-