Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hub, the amazing wonder spinner

My "girls" got me a drop spindle for my birthday. It's amazing the shopping they manage to do for being toddlers... ;)

So yesterday at the EW Knits Ravelry meet up Kim showed me how to get started. She's been dying for me to spin. She loves it and is definitely a spinning missionary. Everyone at the meet up said I was off to a fantastic start. They actually made me blush. So I felt pretty good about myself.

Then I came home... with a spindle and some fiber for Hub. He has talked about how he thinks it would be fun to spin ever since I started knitting. I took all my stuff out the the car went to climb in and just couldn't do it. I ran back in and picked up a spindle and some fiber for Hub. The girls were napping when I got home so I got to show him how right away. Here's his first yarn...

Hmm... not feeling quite as good about myself now. lol! I KNEW he'd be meticulous and just perfect. That's just his way. He's really wanted to do this for a while, so we'll see. I think he wants something to do while I sit and knit in the evenings. He says spinning looks very relaxing. I sure wouldn't mind!

I'm off to enjoy the sunshine. It really is spring now!


Hattie said...

Wow they both look great! Way better than my first attempts...but you have better fiber I'm sure than I did. I had no teacher either lol. So excited for you!

Yay for spring! I got to wear a tank top today FINALLY. Gorgeous.

Danielle said...

That sounds like a great racket you've got going -- just buy fiber for hub that you'll want to knit with, once he turns it into yarn!

SJ said...

I'd say you're both naturals! I don't think it's a bad thing at all that he liked spinning -- just think, if you decide to get a wheel (or just more spindles and fibers), he won't be able to give you a hard time because he can use it, too!

tiennie said...

How fun for the both of you!