Sunday, February 17, 2008

Quick Sunday Post

We had a lovely time at the Ravelry meet-up yesterday. Paradise Fibers generously hosts us twice a month for the entire afternoon! They even provide some snacks and door prizes! (I actually won yesterday! Never win a thing! I got some SOAK samples and some cute labels they make to put into your hand knit garments.) Unlike other knit groups in the area there is room for spinners to set up their wheels. So it adds an interesting dynamic to the room! Fun fun. Yesterday I sat between two spinners. It was so relaxing to just listen to their wheels hum. I was practically napping!

I finished up the Crunch Socks this morning. I could have finished them last night, but I was watching a movie and didn't want to stop and inspect the first toe so I could copy it. So I did it this morning.

Pattern: Basic Sock, Used Heel and Toe instructions from this article by Lucy Neatby.
Yarn: Socks That Rock, Heavyweight, Chapman Springs
Needle: US 3
Notes: I am really glad I tried this heel. I tried a short row heel last summer, but it didn't work out for my foot. It was too tight. This lovely one does fit on my foot. So it's great to know I've got an option when it comes to heels. It might be a bit odd to walk on. Not sure. Guess I'll have to make myself a pair! I was pushed into trying it by the February Sockdown challenge!

I did manage to jam my long foot into it. This was made for a US size 9, my feet, 11's. The garter stitch really has a lot of give!

Well, this again puts me down to 2 WIP's. I guess I need to go wind some yarn and do some casting on eh? I've got a secret project I need to start working on. Sigh... not good for blog, but I'm excited to do it! Hint... it's baby knitting. Not for me! I'm still not sure what to do with the Chocolatier. I'm thinking maybe Anne's new design might be a good choice. Just have to wait on her to finish it up!

What are you up to this lazy Sunday afternoon?


Meghann said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I've been knitting a bunch too and I ALSO took another stab at short row heels. ....this time using 60% of the stitches instead of the usual 50%. It worked pretty well and the fit is actually pretty good for my high arches!

Jill L said...

I love your socks. I am taking a Lucy Neatby class at Stiches West next week and usually Blue Moon Fiber arts is there so I can pick up some yarn as well. Yours are beauties!

SJ said...

Great socks! I was also surprised at how stretchy a garter heel/toe can be. You'd think they'd feel funny to walk on, but they're surprisingly cushy.

Miss T said... knitting you say? ;D