Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I seem to have taken on indecision as a post-child attribute. Maybe I had it before... I just can't remember that far back into my life perhaps??

Anyway... Since I cast off the Seahawk Socks I've only got two projects on my needles... last night I finished up the first of this pair. Don't freak out. It's Socks That Rock Heavyweight. It's super fast for anyone! I'm making these for someone to give to another someone. How confusing is that? I guess you could call them a commission since I am getting rewarded for this work.

I wanted to play around with it a bit... the yarn did not lend itself to any stitch patterns I came up with. It wanted to be plain and show off it's amazing colors. This picture does not show the amazing-ness... I need sunshine! So I played with the heel and toe. I used Lucy Neatby's article on the Garter Stitch Heel and Toe. It was fun to do and... it actually even fits me! It's nice to know I have an option to the extra long flap's I usually do.

The other one left is Miss E's blankie. I know... it's been a WIP for nearly a year now. You don't have to remind me of that. I've gotten to the last BIG hunk of knitting. It's blocks 9. Two blocks are worked side by side. The instructions say to just twist the colors around each other at the join. I'm pretty certain I'm not doing it right. But I'm also pretty certain that it's good enough. This blanket has been a learning experience! It is far from perfect... why get picky now?!

It is looking awfully pretty though.

Ok, and because it makes me twitchy to only have one sock available to work on, I quickly cast on another pair this morning. I only had time to work two rows and then it was off to my hefty to-do list for the day, but it makes me feel good knowing I could grab them and run out the door. You know... in case the house was on fire or something it's best to be prepared!

The yarn is the Cherry Tree Hill that I tried to make into Monkey's but they didn't work out. This pattern has a couple more stitches and I believe the stitch pattern to be more stretchy as well. So should be fine. It's a pattern called Primavera. I have trouble not thinking of pasta when I think or say it...

Now, I know that STR sock is going to be done really quickly... so I started thinking about the next sock to start. I have yarn I want to use but I'm at a loss as to what to knit with it. It's more Hazel Knits in the lovely Chocolatier color. I had to have some for myself right?! I originally was going to make myself some Chocolate Monkey's after seeing Claudia's. (She's finished them now!) But, after watching January's Sockdown on Ravelry, I'm a little Monkied out. (Cookie A. was the designer of the month) It would still be gorgeous... but, there is also this simple spiral eyelet that seems to be calling me. I also thought about Socks for Veronik, but I did buy another yarn for that that would probably be better... and I was eyeing this one, Artichoke Socks. The picture there does it no justice. Check out this one! There are just SO MANY patterns out there. I can't seem to decide. My brain has come to a gear crunching halt on this one. Any thoughts? I do tend towards the simple. Most of my knitting is done with my kids or other knitters around where my brain ceases to function at any sort of high level. At our last area Ravelry meet-up there were other knitters working on lace. It made my mind hurt to think about trying to manage the half dozen conversations going on PLUS a lace chart?! It's amazing if you ask me!

Well how's that for a rambling WIP post?! Sheesh!


Danielle said...

I like the Artichoke socks too. They're in my Rav queue ... somewhere! Seriously, half of my queue is socks. (If you want ideas, go click through ...)

Hattie said...

The artichoke socks are awesome. I say do those! I gotta find a pattern for my str heavyweight too...

SJ said...

I think the Artichoke Socks are going to be my next pair for me. Weezalana (knittywhipped.blogspot.com) just finished a really nice pair and wrote up her mods.