Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mitten Pattern Testers

I need a couple of testers for my mitten patterns. I wrote part of each with my very chatty 4Yo in the room. I am SURE there are mistakes! One for the 220 ribbed mittens and one for the cabled mitts. Anyone game? I need you to be fairly quick with this. I know it's the end of winter, but hey... your hands need to be warm next year!

OOPS! Forgot to tell you... you've got to email me! Most people who reply here have a "noreply@blogger..." address, so I can not contact you!

Email to artistjess AT gmail DOT com (You know what to do with that!)


abunchofus said...

me please! I love to test patterns and I would absolutely love to test the cabled version!

abunchofus said...

oh just looked at the ribbed I wouldn't mind that one either as i have a son who would love them!

Anonymous said...


I'll test both patterns. I love that deep gusset.

I fell in love with them on Ravelry while looking at Aurora 8 uses.

I saw the offer to test knit on the non cabled version.

I'm emailing you right now.