Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tour de Fleece

Yes, you read that correctly. We fiber enthusiasts will take any occasion for creating a knit or spin along. Oddly enough it's gotten me to actually watch some of the Tour de France for the first time. It's rather interesting. Of course the tom boy in me can become a fan of pretty much any sport. Four brothers will do that to any girl.

So far I've spun up a few items for another charity auction, and one dud.

Woodland in Spring by Mosaic Moon... is a gorgeous single ply merino. The colors told me that's what they wanted to be. When fiber speaks, it's best to listen.

I also spun a 2 ply BFL, Blooming by Mosaic Moon. It has the loveliest sheen to it. BFL is like that. So soft and fluffy too. Yum. The colors ended up pooling in the skeins... one is heavy on the green, the other heavy on the pink. Not sure why. It certainly wouldn't stop me from bidding on it!

The third is a superwash BFL, Bijou by Zen String (now Wildflower Whimsy). For my birthday Hub got me a tensioned lazy kate. Oh the luxury! I thought it was time to attempt a 3-ply. This is where the learning curve enters into play. I totally overspun this fiber. The yardage is worsted, but the WPI make it more of a heavy sport weight. It also has some issues in the plying. Managing 3 singles apparently was also in the learning curve. Ah well... they can't all turn out right! It's still lovely and should make a nice pair of footies for someone.

And last, but certainly not least is this pair of mittens. I knit them from the Neverland I spun up a few months ago. I have to say I think this may be one of my favorite things I've ever made. Lovely yarn, lovely product. They fit me perfectly. Which is generally the case when you're winging it and designing your own. However, I will be putting them in the charity auction. So people had better bid high on these! They are gorgeous!

The charity auction goes live on July 26th. It is to benefit Kim, of Green Strings by SugarBubbie. After already enduring a difficult year financially her son was recently diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor. Items are being listed daily so keep checking back! Lovely yarns, fibers, and hand made items available.


SJ said...

Great spinning! I really love that singles yarn, and the colors of all of them are great. I hope they bring in big bucks!

Ellen said...

I love those mittens! Can you tell what pattern you used? Or are you talented and just winged it? =)

punya443 said...

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