Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Way to Miss N's Heart

Make it pink.

Make it girly.

Make it by hand.

Put these three together and you get a very happy, giddy, silly little girl who feels loved.

I forced her to wear the blue pants today. She wanted to wear hot pink. Pink, from head to toe... everyday...

Pattern: Old Shale Scarf
Yarn: PlumKnit 80/20 Merino Cashmere
I only used about 40g of yarn, gave it a serious blocking and it ended up just the right length.


Hattie said...

Oh my goodness she's getting big, compared to the last pics I remember! And she looks just like you. ;)

SJ said...

When did she get so big?! She's clearly quite enchanted with the scarf. Isn't it nice when some people are so easy to please?

Meghann said...

She looks so grown up!

Alison said...

Oh, so sweet!!

Alison said...

Sweet! I say let her wear pink!!
I used to be anti-pink, then I had 4 girls in a row, LOL!
Happy knitting-