Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bad Blogger hearts Nancy Bush

I'm not really getting back into the groove of blogging yet. Caring for the special needs and getting to all the appointments of a child fighting cancer plus tackling the new project of homeschooling a kindergartner (and surprise a preschooler wants in on the fun too!)... plus just regular life stuff... equals a very busy and overwhelmed me.

However... I just finished a project I want to share. I started out trying a simple sock, a popular new pattern, but it just wasn't doing it for me. RIP! So then... I searched my patterns for one that matched the cast on stitches and ribbing so I didn't have to fully rip out because that 1x1 twisted rib was looking sharp! What came from all this was a challenging project that I am very proud of! I love Nancy Bush. I think I need to own all of her books. While Knitting Vintage Socks is not the flashiest of books, of the sock books I own it gets used the most. Nancy knows how to put together both beautiful and practical patterns. This was a very enjoyable knit that turned out fantastic! And now... I actually own a pair of socks that won't be the brightest pair in the room.

Pattern: Childs First Sock in Shell Pattern by Nancy Bush
Yarn: The Woolen Rabbit, Sock, Ebony or Raven... can't remember... but it's gorgeous!


Hattie said...

They are gorgeous Jess!

SJ said...

Those are some beautiful socks! I've knit this pattern several times now, and it always comes out nice. Yours are no exception!

Meghann said...

Those are some gorgeous socks!