Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I finally completed a sweater that fits me and it's cute too! Problem... the button pucker. As you can see it's even puckering when laying flat. I tried to straighten it out before I took the picture but I couldn't! You can imagine how the problem compounds when I put it on. What's up with this?! Do I need the buttons that stand up off the fabric? I tried sewing them on somewhat loosely but that doesn't seem to have helped these buttons. Also, they pop out regularly when it's on.

I haven't seen this happen except on sweaters that were just too tight. And although I have put no 10 pounds since I started knitting it (Darn that sleep deprivation, hospital food and all that sitting around on my arse!) it's still loose enough that it should be behaving this way.

So this is for those of you with experience here... HELP PLEASE! :)

ETA: I have already washed and blocked the sweater. Nice thought though Hattie! I already tried getting bigger buttons. Maybe I need even bigger. The button holes seem really stretchy though. Maybe the problem is in the stretch of the yarn?


Hattie said...

Hmmm, one, I would get bigger buttons to solve the popping off problem, two, I would wet block the sweater a bit. Maybe, pin it out, spray it and let it dry. or even just the band!

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SJ said...

Could you try sewing soem grosgrain ribbon to the back of the button bands? I haven't tried it myself, but I've seen it done, and it does stiffen up the knit fabric so it doesn't pucker as much. Might be worth a shot! And it's an adorable sweater!

Walden said...

My thought was as SJ said, sewing some stiff ribbon on the back of the button bands will help it hold it's shape better.

Anonymous said...

Jess, have you thought about applying a strip of grosgrain ribbon either on the front or back to form a placke? Then sew the buttons onto that. Might work!
Beautiful sweater by the way.
Cindy in Pam's office