Thursday, April 10, 2008


Well, since I don't have pictures for you from the trip yet I thought I'd share some of the things I worked on while I was there. And for the record... I used every bit of sock yarn I took with me! Good planning I say. I also took some yarn for hats, but then decided I didn't want to use that yarn for the hats... so I stuck with the socks.

First up... the traveling sock. I knit this on the airplane. Now, I almost didn't pack any knitting in my carry on. I was traveling with a 2YO and a 4Yo. I didn't expect to get anything done. But... the plane was packed and they couldn't sit us all together and Hub VERY graciously took the kids and I sat ALONE! So I knit the cuff on one of the flights up. I knit the heel while there and then about an inch of foot on the way home when we were all sitting together the entire time. The yarn is Regia's Bamboo Color. It's interesting. It's got a lot of drape. It's silky soft too. Hub declared it too girly, so it's for me. I'm not complaining.

Next up, Lilac Socklets. This is a quick little knit for my Mom. I would have finished them while we were there, but the last few days I put down the knitting to really spend every last moment with family.

And THIS... UGH! I have been wanting to do the Roza pattern by Grumperina again. I devised a plan to make them fit me as the original was a bit too small. (working on 66st instead of 60st) Well, it didn't work! GRRR! They are too tight in the instep. I'm totally mad so they've been in time out. I am fighting off the urge to rip the whole thing out. I believe that the problem lies with the stitch pattern itself... where there is lace, it's stretchy and bigger. But with the heel and bottom of foot being all stockinette... it's too small there. I'm considering ripping out the heel only, increasing by several stitches and giving it another go. But like I said... that urge to rip the whole thing out is also there. We'll see. I could also gift these... but the right recipient hasn't come to mind. For various reasons, this one won't work for my usuals... I even for a moment thought about just chucking the whole thing. I never thought I'd feel that way about any yarn, but... I'm mad at this one!

OH! Rereading this I just had an idea... what if I ripped the heel and redid it in plain stockinette instead of slip stitch... and maybe added an extra 2 stitches say... that way it wouldn't be drastically different from the stitch count on the top and I think the heel would have a little more give... Feedback appreciated!

Hub has promised me a disc full of pictures tonight, so trip photos and an FO coming soon!


Hattie said...

What about making the heel flap longer? Would that help?

SJ said...

Or what about not decreasing as much for the gussets, so you have more stitches for the sole than for the instep?