Thursday, April 24, 2008

Block 9

Yes, that is block 9 complete! It actually appears to be two blocks because it's worked in two colors. And better yet, 10 is picked up and started. I can taste the end of this beast!

What prompted this frenzy of garter stitch? I've had house guests ever since returning home and good old garter is always your friend when you're carrying on conversations. And... Last week, Miss E turned 2. If you remember I started this before her first birthday. A year later... here it is, still an UFO. My brother who was visiting along with Hub gave me much guilt over it. So I picked it up and charged through block 9. It was a biggie. Block 10 is long, but not very wide. Only 18 garter ridges. Last night I calculated and figured if I was paying attention... it would take me 4 hours to complete. However, I tend to knit while watching movies and such so... probably longer. I'm so excited to be nearing completion! I actually want to work on it again. I love the finish you know... that adrenalin kicks in and pushes you through. Maybe I get carried away. :)

I am so jealous of all the pretty pictures of spring I'm seeing around the blogosphere. Here, we have nothing but more cold and we've even had a couple inches of snow. Ugh. We're now a mere inch and a bit away from the all time record for snow in a winter... 93.some odd inches. That's a lot of snow folks. I'm kind of rooting for another inch just for the bragging rights for having such a crappy long winter. But the other side of me can't wait to see what that predicted 60 is going to feel like this weekend. Maybe spring found her way to us... just maybe... hopefully I finish that blanket by then!


SJ said...

Well if we finally got spring here, it can't be that far away for you guys!

Sending you good garter mojo!

Hattie said...

Gods I know, it's like this winter will never end! I love the blanket. I've only made my kids the smallish ones before they were born. They are a decent size though...and they use them still.

Meghann said...

It's beautiful!! You can do it! I'll get my pom-poms out and cheer you on:)