Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Long Awaited Surprise!

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, Lime
Needles: US 7
Notes: This was a dream project. The pattern is very well written. I had no modifications, and no problems at all... not a bit of ripping back. It was amazing! It's exactly the dimensions it's supposed to be too! A dream. Yummy!



Miss T got her "baby shower in a box" today! Meghann of Radiant Twist and I have been scheming for several months on a way to really treat Miss T. She's kind of had a rough go of it and we just wanted to make sure she got to celebrate this joyous occasion! Meghann is lucky enough to live near Miss T so she got the honors of giving the gifts to her. She's blogged about it with some cute pictures here!

I myself have been sitting here on the west coast dying of anticipation! Of course I had to be done first so I could ship the gifts back east. It's just no fun to hold it all in!

Look! Mama and Baby Socks that Rock!


Sooooo cute! And so fun!

Pattern: Priscilla's Dream Socks from Favorite Socks.
Yarn: Socks that Rock Heavyweight in Chapman Springs, and Mediumweight in Fairgrounds, both from leftovers stash! They both have tiny feet. :)
Notes: What's not to love? Miss T needed some labor socks. And we must impart good taste to the baby right away so she needed a pair too. I love the look of the zig zag bind off. I'm not sure if it would be comfy in a pair of shoes, but these are so thick I don't think they'll go in shoes. It's sure pretty to look at!

Womans Heart, 2001

The knitting was all really fun and cute. But this was really the heart of the gifts I sent. I created this piece about 8 years ago just after I'd gone through a very surprising divorce. I started thinking about my future children and how they wouldn't even know about this part of my life until they were possibly quite a bit older, or maybe never. It sparked a train of thought about the depth of a womans heart. How it holds so many treasures and secrets, hurts and loves. But looking at her face, you'd never know. Miss T and I have talked about this piece quite a bit. She's had some high's and some low's in the past year or so. All little treasures to be tucked away in her heart. And perhaps when she looks at this piece on her wall it might remind her of things she has forgotten about. Or maybe it will just remind her of the depth and beauty that she holds within her very own self. Because that is certainly something to celebrate!

I love you Miss T. I am so happy for you and this upcoming adventure. Another beautiful memory to tuck away in your heart.


Miss T said...


I love you too, Jessica P.

Meghann said...

Jess, your stuff was absolutely amazing and it was fun to get to see it all in person.

The painting, by the way, is so lovely and I feel lucky to have gotten to see it:)

tiennie said...

So sweet. Cute socks and the jumper is so fantastic!

SJ said...

Awww! That dress is so, so adorable! Makes me want to get knocked up right now so I could have a little girl to knit it for! (Just don't tell my husband I said that!)

I'm sure Miss T is going to be so touched and grateful to have such a thoughtful friend!

Allison said...

That is an awesome jumper! I don't have a blog, but just wanted to tell you how awesome that jumper is. :D

AutumnMama said...

I don't blog either, but that is quite possibly the cutest knit dress I have EVER seen! Just absolutely adorable!