Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Curse is Broken!

Fancy socks for me!

Pattern: Primavera Socks
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino, Wild Cherry
Needles: 2.25mm, 2.5mm

I really love how these turned out. They are just gorgeous! I did not however really enjoy knitting them. The yarn is another one of those "little bit sticky" ones. So it felt slow even if it wasn't. And the pattern... there are a lot of M1's and they're a bit fiddly. I felt like I was fighting my way along. I am glad I saw it through as they are lovely but I won't be repeating it.

I feel like I haven't had anything to blog in forever! Secret projects don't lend themselves as blog fodder. The secret project is finished and will be revealed sometime in the next few weeks. It's really just an internet secret... lots of locals got to take a peek already. :)

Last February I took a sock class... and it certainly has been a year of socks! Well it's time for something new again (probably overdue, but lets not talk about that...) I started my first adult sweater! Sheri at The Loopy Ewe wanted to knit herself a sweater out of Dream In Color's Classy and in order to make sure she completed it... invited everyone to join her. She further enticed us with a promise of 20% off on the yarn to do it! I had a credit at her store already and I love Classy, so... I didn't need much arm twisting. There are quite a few people knitting the same sweater as myself as well as a few other newbies. I feel like I have some backup should any problems arise. So I feel a bit "safe" in my choice for my first. And not guilty for ignoring the sweater yarns I've already purchased because now I'll have some experience under my belt and can jump off on my own!

The pattern itself is pretty simple. It's Wicked. You've probably seen a million out there. The construction seems simple enough to be manageable and quick! The yarn is Classy by Dream In Color in Ruby River. So here I go! Perhaps this will be the year of the sweater!

Yes, I have a thing for reds and purples and especially together. That's probably fairly obvious in this post eh? lol!


Hattie said...

Wow those are gorgeous! I really didn't like that pattern much first time I saw it, but yours are the second pair I've seen today that are absolutely beautiful.

Wicked looks like it's coming along great! I love that colorway too. :)

SJ said...

Great socks! I've admired the pattern, but if you say it's really fiddly I probably won't be touching it.

Wicked is a great first sweater choice. I've not knit it myself (yet!), but a friend from my knitting group is working on it and it looks like a good pattern. The beauty of the top-down raglan is that you can try it on as you go to make any needed adjustments and -- my favorite feature -- there's no seaming at the end! The color you've chosen is beautiful!

Meghann said...

LOL! Looks like your socks and sweater should match each other;)

SOMEONE keeps trying to get me to let them in on the secret!

Miss T said...

I was thinking your socks and sweater matched. The year of the sweater? You sure? :D

And what is that Meghann lady talking about? ;D ;D

Annie said...

Can't wait to see what your sweater looks like!! I am so stalled on one right now...just a bitty one, no energy to knit. :(