Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wild Birch Mittens

Mittens for yet another brother. This hereby completes the Christmas knitting! Yahoo!

: My Own
Yarn: The Great Adriondack Yarn Company, Superwash Merino, Wild Birch

I've run out of witty things to say about mittens. So here ya go. Pretty pictures. I cast on yet another pair today that were requested by my MIL. Then I actually need a pair myself. Can you believe I've been knitting these and running around with freezing hands?!

I am going to be writing up these patterns and posting them here soon. I want to do it in PDF format, and I think I've figured out how. Hub will be taking some extra time off soon so I should get some extra time to get it all figured out. I'm going to release the longies pattern too! Stay tuned!


SJ said...

Congrats on finishing your Christmas knitting! I'd say the next pair need to be for you to keep your hands warm while you knit the rest.

I'm looking forward to getting the longies pattern! I just learned of two more babies to knit for last night, and I'm thinking longies might be just the ticket!

Miss T said...

Yay for being done!

What are you dying to knit now that you are finished?

Danielle said...

Nice work. I hope your brother likes them!

tiennieknits said...

Love the color of these mitts! Great job!