Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Socks and Snowmen

Hub's stocking stockings are complete. They are a sport weight verging on DK, so they were pretty fast. They turned out well I think. I made him an 8" cuff which I think he'll like. On me they go up really far! I'm the one modeling. Hub and I have opposite builds with socks. He has skinny calves and bigger, wider feet. Mine, skinny feet and ah... sturdy legs. ;) I didn't really plan for this to be a Christmas gift, it just turned out that way, and the green was coincidence too. Too bad they don't really fit me. Hubs working and I've got a driveway full of snow!

Pattern: Basic Recipe
Yarn: Farmhouse Yarns, Bo Peep's Sock Yarn, Olive
Needles: US2, 2.75mm

Gorgeous wall of snowmen don't you think?

  • One mother cooped up with a house full of sick kids and husband escapes to buy more cold medicine and finds herself oddly unwilling to leave drugstore and head home. "Brilliant" idea ensues and big bag of cotton balls come home with her.
  • One obsessive compulsive bored four year old cooped up in the house sick for a week watching it snow outside, but unable to go enjoy it.
  • Blend wits and will. Result = lots of snowmen that bring glee to a child, and occupy them for the better part of two hours. Which brings glee to the mother.


SJ said...

Brilliant use of cotton balls!

Love the socks. They're still a bit wild for my hub, but I'd wear 'em! I really must try the sport/DK yarn trick ...

Miss T said...

Great socks!

tiennieknits said...

Love the color of these socks! Great job!