Monday, November 17, 2008

More Spinning!

I started up this fun fiber last night. I could not stop. It was so fun playing with the colors in the fiber! It's Pigeonroof Studios South African Fine in Hydrangea. It was a getting started gift from Hattie! Thanks Hattie! I sure wish you were here to play with me!

This fiber was really squished into it's braid. So I've been playing with it, trying to figure out the best way to fluff it back out and pre-draft it a bit. Any tips? I'm really just making this all up as I go along. lol!

And... here is the second 4oz of my "practice fiber". This one turned out really well. 328 yards/3.5oz, half an ounce was left on the second bobbin... guess I got a little more fine on that second bobbin. Oops! I am thrilled with my consistency for it being only my second skein!

We've got a busy week ahead... Miss N is turning FIVE tomorrow! FIVE?! How did that happen?!


Hattie said...

Oh wow, you're spinning so fast! I thought that looked familiar lol. What I do is pull it into strips the long way to make it more manageable. Then I start at one end of each strip and draft it a tiny bit all the way along the strip. It works wonders. It makes actual drafting a bit smoother and easier I think.

SJ said...

That is some great looking practice yarn! Actually, I don't think you get to call yarn that looks that good practice yarn at all.

I do the same basic prep as Hattie most of the time. I do a fair amount of drafting at the wheel, so any prep is really to split the fiber (for plying amounts) and fluff it up if it's compacted. There are some cases where I don't have to predraft at all (CMF sw merino comes to mind).

Dave said...

Wow, your spinning is looking wonderful -- very nice!

Meghann said...

Looks great! I'm totally jealous too...I've been wanting some pigeonroof studios fiber, but haven't found any instock yet.