Monday, November 17, 2008

More Spinning!

I started up this fun fiber last night. I could not stop. It was so fun playing with the colors in the fiber! It's Pigeonroof Studios South African Fine in Hydrangea. It was a getting started gift from Hattie! Thanks Hattie! I sure wish you were here to play with me!

This fiber was really squished into it's braid. So I've been playing with it, trying to figure out the best way to fluff it back out and pre-draft it a bit. Any tips? I'm really just making this all up as I go along. lol!

And... here is the second 4oz of my "practice fiber". This one turned out really well. 328 yards/3.5oz, half an ounce was left on the second bobbin... guess I got a little more fine on that second bobbin. Oops! I am thrilled with my consistency for it being only my second skein!

We've got a busy week ahead... Miss N is turning FIVE tomorrow! FIVE?! How did that happen?!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Yarn: Radiant Twist, Fluff, Enchanted
Pattern: Itchy Fingers Longies

I think it's safe to say I've been "enchanted" of late. First off... these lovely longies knit up cooperating with me every step of the way. No worries about strange color streaks or pooling. Nope, they just knit up lovely. And... they are a perfect fit.

And then... the wheel!

I am in LOVE with my new Pioneer. It's just lovely. It's the perfect size to fit into my little corner of the living room. It spins like a dream. I love the engineering of it. That probably sounds weird, but I am an architect... if things aren't designed well it bugs the snot out of me!

Here are my first 4oz of fiber... it was on clearance so I got it for something like $5 a pound. The perfect price for your first few spins! I ended up with 110 yards of bulky weight. It's got some serious over spinning issues on at least one of the singles. But I've quickly gotten past that issue... I think.

And here are the singles for the second 4oz. They are much more even and thinner. We'll see how they ply up. I have a feeling some parts may be under spun. And I really need to be better about moving my guide to get the yarn on the bobbin evenly. On the standing up bobbin I was really forgetful and it shows!

I've also been battling a nasty cold. Isn't it a little early in the year for such nastiness to be going around?! Yuck. So there hasn't been much progress on anything around here for the last week. A little knitting, a little spinning, a little reading and lots of lying about. Hopefully I can get well so that I can really get going with the new wheel!

Monday, November 03, 2008

I just bought my first wheel!

I've been shopping... and saving up... but really I didn't mean to go so fast! For a while I've been reading up... getting to know them and their reputations etc... All weekend I was engrossed (driving my Hub crazy), on Saturday I tried out several at Paradise Fibers and got a feel for what I like...

Then yesterday I was reading the thread on the new Pioneer in the Majacraft group on Ravelry... well someone linked to a store in Oregon that had a USED Pioneer for only $375!!! I called just now and I guess the "owner" won it in a contest, gave it a test and then decided "Nah... I've got 5 other wheels, I don't want it." How lucky is that?! I can't believe it! The wheel was only released in September... finding a used one is just SO lucky!
I'm a little nervous since I haven't tried the Majacrafts but... I haven't read one person not liking them, so I went for it. I should have tried Hattie's Little Gem before she left us! It's just such a great deal. I'm sure if I totally hate it I could sell it in a heartbeat. She said if she can sweet talk them it'll ship today, if not tomorrow. YAY! It's coming from Woodland Woolworks in the Portland, OR area so it should be here pretty fast!

HERE is a nice thorough review of the wheel with pic's in case you're interested.


I'm a little excited. I guess I need some fiber now...